Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honey, I'm Cooking Indian Wearing Nothing But an Apron (Now Will You Please Read My Blog!)

My husband was this blog's original reader.

For a while he was the only reader. 

He sat next to me when I jumped out of my chair, electried by my very first comment (thanks Helene!).

He explained why someone else's picture suddenly popped up on my blog (and that followers are not the same as stalkers).

He discussed with me the content of my posts and used it for insight into the workings of my mind.

Now I am not bragging many followers and I certainly can't claim status as a comment queen...

But those of you who (for some reason) care about the things I write... well, you apparently lifted a serious burden from my husband's shoulders.

I can't get him to read this thing for the life of me. 

I write posts about him, about our "hoyney" toddler , and even one about how much I suck (I mean, he could have a field day with that one)!

I quiz him regularly with seemingly casual questions, which, after an appropriate amount of blank stares and head nods, I simply retort, "You would know if you read my blog."

Nothing works.

He claims he is waiting for time to sit down and enjoy it (okay, I have to give him one thing... the man is king of sensitive excuses that are practically impossible to argue with).

So I am brainstorming some future posts in the hopes of reclaiming what is rightfully mine... the complete absorption and near obssesion of my husband (that was in our vows, right?).

These ought to do it.

1.  An Apple a Day (ipad review and giveaway)

2. Doing Business While Doing Your Business (10 Ways to Stay Entertained in the Bathroom)

3. How To Brew Beer in Your Basement

4. My Thoughts on Lost: So Much More Than a TV Show

5. One More Check: How I Completed the Laundry, Cleaned, and Cooked All in One Day

(Okay, he may not read that one, but he would certainly get a good laugh from the title.)

6. Hungry No More: The Decision To Pack My Husband's Lunch for the Rest of His Life

And if all else fails, the title of this post...

7. Honey, I'm Cooking Indian Wearing Nothing But an Apron

Of course I don't know if he will read this or just book it home (to be bitterly disappointed by my empty kitchen and puke-stained t-shirt).

Either way, I got his attention, didn't I?


What title would get your significant other clicking that link faster than a McDonald's drive-thru?


  1. LOVE it! Great post - you'll have to let us know if the title to this post does indeed have him hot footing it home. As I'm the one with the Geeky husband my title would have to be something along the lines of "I just opened a very large delivery package and it's filled with gaming figures...maybe it came to the wrong house and I should send it back?"

    That would do it!

  2. Mine use to read my blog too. Now he never reads it? So you are not alone in this:)

  3. After nagging my husband a lot, he finally started to read my blog (occassionally). I quiz him on it though and then get sad when I realize he hasn't been reading it at all. He got the point though so he now reads it a little more. But only a little but.

  4. "My Blog Affair with a Man Follower"

    I got one male follower a couple of months ago and I thought my husband was going to die!! It is so amusing especially since now he reads every single one of my comments to see what everyone writes!!

    He is not a jealous guy, but I think he thinks I will get stalked! I don't even use my real name so all is good :-)

  5. I was very surprised that hubby read my blog from the start, surprised because I had burned him out on reading my other writing.

    He tells me about typos he finds. Maybe inserting typos would help. Of course all my typos are put there on purpose.

    My husband suggests the title I made $10,000 in the stock market today.

  6. Hilarious!

    Happy Mother's Day, Kim. I hope you're day is a great one - no matter if you are wearing baby spit-up or an apron naked! :)

    Blessings, Karen

  7. Ha. Nice. My husband has been reading since nearly the beginning. He claims it provides a glimpse of my inner workings, since every conversation we attempt to have is foiled with interruptions of a kid sort. lol.

    Titles that would get his attention.

    How I Wrote a Bestselling Novel in Three Months, Made Scads of Money, and Allowed My Husband to Quit His Job

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