Friday, May 28, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Skimpy Sleepwear and Spontaneity

It's Friday!!!!

But not only is it Friday, it is the Friday before a long weekend.

And not only is it the Friday before a long weekend, but it is the Friday before the long weekend that marks my husband's last week of school. 

Which means four more days of "Where daddy doe?  Daddy teach tids?  Want daddy tum home!"

So needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good.

And I want to share it with the world!

So I am participating in The Girl Next Door Grows Up's Feel Good Friday.

Since I can't seem to stop thinking about all things happy (my second cup of coffee not at all the least of these) I'm just going to spew it all out there... cover your worlds with a little sunshine (okay, maybe it's my third)!

1.  Skimpy Summertime Sleepwear

No, not mine.  Unfortunately for my husband I enjoy the old cotton pants and baggy t-shirt when I climb under the sheets.  No, the sleepwear I reference here is that of my two little men.  There is nothing cuter in the whole world than a baby in a little t-shirt with his tiny, diapered rump sticking straight up in the air.  Or a nudey toddler under his Thomas blanket (that he insists on donning even in 80-degree, non-air conditioned heat).

2.  A Break

My husband finishes a month-long break from grad school classes this weekend.  I reaped multiple benefits during this reprieve including a near strike from all evening cooking/ dish washing responsibilities.  Of course my husband also reaped multiple benefits including more free time in the evening to do with as I pleased (wink, wink)!

3.  A Baby To Hold

I was always a "baby person."  I loved, loved, loved babies.  But surprisingly, I did not enjoy the babyhood of my first son.  I loved him, of course, and at times I soaked in the moment, but mostly I looked for ways to put him down and walk away without drowning in guilt for just a few minutes.  I completely forgot why I ever wanted to hold babies.  Now that my "baby" flails his way out of my arms the moment I scoop him up I finally remember.  Just in time for baby number two.  And suddenly I can't get enough of it.  I understand now that this baby period is the shortest in his life.  That all too soon those chubby thighs will toddle across the grass instead of wrapping around my waist.  That those dimpled hands cautiously exploring my face will grip tree branches and baseball bats in what seems like minutes.  That hurried toddler pecks will replace the drooly, open-mouthed kisses of infancy.  So slobber away baby boy... I'm soaking it up! 

4.  Homemade Iced Mochas

Alright, it's no Starbucks mint mocha chip frappucino, but it's cold, chocolately, and I don't have to drive fifteen minutes both ways while alternately blasting rock music and poking at my children's legs chanting, "Wake up, wake up, wake up" so I can enjoy said delicious beverage during the only peaceful, 30-minute nap overlap of the day.

5.  Mysterious Weekend Adventures

Our Memorial Day plans: Wake up.  Start driving.  Find fun.  Find excitement.  Find a hotel.

I'm a big planner (in theory), so we'll see if I can follow through (I'll update next week). 

Hope your weekends are full of spontaneity, sunshine, and sitting around doing nothing!


  1. I hope you have a great spontaneous Memorial Day weekend. I cannot imagine doing that. You are one brave woman!!!

  2. Kim,

    I am so with you on your five things that make you smile, especially the cute kids and most especially the homemade mochas. I too am a big Starbucks girl, but bought my own espresso machine to save time and money. Thank God because often our Starbucks is closed by the time I get everyone off to bed and am ready for my late night decaf mocha. I have the peanut butter and toffeenut syrups, but mint sounds good. Especially if you use creme de menthe for those tough days! YOu can read about some of those at

  3. I like the idea of just getting into the car and driving who knows where! I hope you have a wonderfully fun Memorial Day weekend!

  4. You make HOMEMADE ICED MOCHAS?????


    That would be dangerous over here. i would have one every day!

    Holding babies is awesome. One night after Emily was born, my mom was over and we just passed her back and forth while we watched 2 movies! We couldn't put her down!

    Have a super weekend!

  5. You remind me of those days of holding my babies. I never wanted to put the last one down, knowing how soon she would grow.

    Now I have grandchildren, so it works out very well.

    You are brave to take off spontaneously.

    Have your best weekend ever.

  6. absolutely love what you wrote about soaking in the moment... so true :)

  7. I love the idea of the spontaneous weekend...can't wait to hear how it went!!!

  8. I do miss those baby days sometimes. Every time I put my hands on my neighbor's one year old, I think, how wonderful...then I hand that fidgety little bugger back, which is nice too. ;)

    I love making myself iced mochas! Definitely cost effective at least, and I think Starbucks is probably a close second to mine...


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