Thursday, May 20, 2010

All before 10 am

These mothering maneuvers may not win me parent of the year, but they sure could make you feel like one.

1.  Pretending not to hear my toddler chanting, "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry" just in time for his third breakfast of the morning. 

2.  Laughing hysterically when the little baby boy yanked a toy from his brother's sticky hands, snarled ferociously at him, and sent the big one running to his room in a tornado of tears.  Don't worry, I soon after followed the toddler and folded him up in my arms (while snickering quietly behind his back).

3.  Asking The Tine if he wouldn't rather watch some Elmo than make me brave the boxes of diapers, baskets full of neatly folded laundry, and 6 month-old baby gifts (still in their bags) to reach his box of craft supplies at the very top of the closet.

4.  When that delicious baby woke up from his nap I scooped him up, nuzzled his tasty little neck, and told him I wanted to love him to tiny pieces so I could then eat him up, spit him back out, and do it all over again.  Is that so weird?

5.  The Tine climbed into our bed this morning all too early and soaking wet (yes, my toddler is wetting his bed while still wearing diapers).  I was too tired to retrieve a change of clothes, so I groggily removed his damp pj's and sopping wet diaper, threw the blankets over his bare little body and told him to just lay there (making sure of course that any naked butt rubbing take place on his father's side of the bed).

6.  When the baby spit up on the floor The Tine proceeded to clean it up with his sock.  I personally am appalled at his behavior and have no idea where he learned such a disgusting habit!

7.  My innocent little toddler confessed to eating a stone.  I find it hard to believe, but he seemed to keep his facts straight, so who knows?  Of course after the 15 minute interrogation I asked, "Did you really eat a stone?" to which he replied "Nooooo" as if the joke was on me for ever believing him in the first place!

It's all in a morning's work! 

Happy Thursday from my household to yours!


  1. Sounds like you are at my house:) LOL

  2. All before 10am! It's been a long day here too, as my daughter was up at 5:30am and this I had decided was my day for not saying no, which she has taken full advantage of! I hope the rest of your day has been a little more relaxing!!!

  3. I totally believe you when you say all that happened before 10:00 am!!! Just this morning I looked at the clock and literally groaned when I realized it was only 9:30 am and it felt like I had been up for 12 hours already!

  4. Number four is the best. Number four. [sigh] Still chuckling at that one. :) -Karen

  5. And I'm chuckling at the word confirmation I received as I posted the above comment - mating. Wow. Giggling like a teenager. My hubby's gonna love it (It's a sign!).


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