Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dreading the dishes: There's an App for that

I am not all that into music. 

Sure, as a teenager I spent hours in my room pining after the Backstreet Boys and screaming Spice Girls lyrics, but my interest weaned to nearly nonexistent levels after college.

It is not that I don't enjoy music.  I think I really get the art of it.  I love myself a good melody and mulling over deep lyrics (though not too deep, not poetic symbolic deep... that stuff frustrates me). 

I just never know what to listen to.  My husband owns an iPod, but the vast selection of songs makes me feel like a claustrophobe in an elevator.  My throat tightens as my eyes nervously scan through artists, songs, and albums too numerous and varied to choose. 

On my more courageous days I venture a musical guess, only to experience complete disconnect with my album of choice.

In less adventurous times I throw the thing back at my husband and savor the silence.

But not tonight.  Oh not tonight.

Tonight my husband created art in the kitchen.  A delicious Thai feast that left my taste buds buzzing and my kitchen... well, a disaster.

Piled dishes, cilantro-covered floor, and some kind of hard core glue holding my butt to the chair.

I needed some kind of motivation, a small piece of inspiration...

I needed an app for that!

And I found it.

It is called Moodagent and it is unbelievable. 

You just move these fun little bars to match your mood at the moment, and Moodagent generates a whole playlist of songs (from your own library) based on that mood.

Or if you are completely indecisive like me and start to panic that you placed the Tender bar too high and Joy too low, you simply pick a song.  Just one song that you're really feeling and a whole playlist of songs with similar moods magically appears.

(And the best part is, it's free!)

So I'm listening to music again.

And loving it. 

I have yet to come across a song I am not in the mood for.

And instead of dreading the dishes, I look forward to them.

I may have even wiped an extra counter or two just to prolong the fun!

(But don't tell my husband!)


More tips at We Are THAT Family!


  1. A little dose of the right kind of music is the only thing that gets me through a load of dishes. Ugh.

  2. Oh wow, are you serious? I'm totally checking into that as soon as I'm done typing this comment! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am going to have to locate my husband's iPod and check that out, it sounds wonderful.

  4. Interesting, I have never heard of that. Will have to check it out. But I agree. Cleaning to music, good music, makes such a world of difference!


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