Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It may not be glamorous, but the cafeteria is always open

I just realized that I really love my job. 

I mean, the hours are terrible (I feel like I work all the time).  My only break is 30 minutes or less (courtesy of The Wiggles and a beautiful respite referred to in the parenting world as the afternoon nap).  And I get paid in toddler "tisses" and Starbucks coffees (alright, that part is actually amazing and not a complaint at all).

I'm not sure why I'm suddenly discovering that I love this gig.  Over the past two plus years I wavered countless times between working and staying at home.  I really appreciate the fact that I am able to stay home, but some days I feel like I'm going crazy.  I envy my husband and his peaceful, 20-minute drives to work.  I envy his ability to stand up in front of a classroom and do something he is great at.  I even envy the stress he feels from performing a mentally taxing job. 

But then I realize...

my two little bosses are also my biggest fans. 

I would "exceed expectations" in every performance review (though I most often deserve a "needs improvement").

my raises predictably occur when my performance is most lacking (more kisses when I am sad and distracted, special Starbucks treats when I am particularly stressed or unmotivated).

and finally, my tiny audience is completely star-struck by me... they think I am the most hilarious, entertaining person in the world (one of them just fell into a giggling fit when I said "hello").

So I'm sure I will write a later post about my desire to escape the confines of this full-time mothering gig.  I understand there's a good chance I won't stay at home forever.  But while I do find myself in the employ of my own household, I hope I can realize just how good I have it.

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