Monday, February 15, 2010

And the fog is lifted

Both kids slept past seven today and I am like a new person.  I felt like the mom on Caillou, speaking sweetly to my husband and greeting my children with an actual smile (something that rarely occurs before 10am or my first cup of coffee, whichever comes first).

Anyhow, I watched my children today from something like an optimistic high (that I guess occurs quite naturally given an adequate amount of sleep) and I found all these things I love about them (who knew?).

So here are a few...

When the baby eats he very sweetly strokes the top of my shirt.  He looks like a spastic, one-armed swimmer and it drives me crazy.

At two years-old The Tine is finally putting all kinds of words together.  Today we walked out the front door and in a tone of utter exasperation he exclaimed, "Oh no, more snow," then trudged through with his head down as though submitting to the cold, barren winter that is now his lot in life.

At one point all three of us lay under the baby's playmat staring up as the lights hypnotically blinked on and off.  The Tine looked at me, Bady gazed up at him, and the three of us broke into the silly laughter of three girlfriends sharing an inside joke and a bit too much wine. (sidenote: I really hate the word girlfriends and don't know why I just used it).

The baby has this flirtatious way of looking up at you when you're holding him like he's finally found the love of his life and it melts my heart every time.

The Tine loves to dance and most recently mastered this one move where he steps forward and then backward over and over again, meanwhile pumping his arms in the air in completely different time to both his feet and the music.  Watching him puts a big, goofy smile on my face and makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world.   

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