Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Toddler Tatrum Tamer

It was a long weekend, of which we spent nearly every waking moment in the great, sunny outdoors.

So when Tuesday rolled around and my husband (finally) went back to work I wanted a day indoors, to recover from sunburns and and breastfeed my baby in the privacy of my own home (Spare my father-in-law the uncomfortable squirming when he happens upon feeding time in the yard. It's as though my breast will take on a mind of its own, pop out of my child's mouth and throw aside the blanket covering, joyfully exposing itself to the world).

My two year-old had other plans.

"Mama, wanna go outside."

"Sorry sweetheart, mommy needs to do some stuff inside" (And besides, I don't think Regis and Kelly broadcast outdoors).

"Wanna go outside.  Shoes on!"

"I know babe, but mommy has some goals today" (Like the goal to make it from sun up to sun down without changing anyone out of their pajamas).

"Outside, outside!"  He's getting excited now.

"Listen," I say with angelic patience, "we will go outside later.  Why don't you play trains?"

"No!  Outside!  Outside!"

Okay, this is not going well.  And desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Do you want to watch The Wiggles?"  I shudder slightly as I say the words.

"No!  Wanna go outside!  Wanna go outside!  OUTSIDE!!!!"

Anyhow, I'm sure you get the point from there. 

So what do I do when we reach that dreaded point of no return.

I go to the kitchen and quickly whip up The Toddler Tantrum Tamer!

Grab a bowl, throw in some corn starch and water, food coloring if there is time, and presto...

A fun tactile experience that (at least in my house) is sure to calm the most rampant of toddlers.  The mixture becomes a silly putty-like substance that solidifies when still and liquifies under touch. 

It is fun to play with any time, but really helps my son gather himself when his emotions go out of control.

Plus, clean up is really easy with a wet paper towel (just don't do it around carpet).

So here's to tantrum-free days and emotionally stable toddlers (at least for a few minutes)!

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  1. I often tell my 2 year old that the backyard is "closed today." Somehow she gets that!

    I love The Wiggles, The Early Years - I dance with them and it is the best exercise!

  2. I will have to try your toddler tantrum tamer next time we are in crisis mode! Last Friday my husband came home early and we decided to play outside. It was warm and sunny, but not hot and of course our pool water is still absolutely freezing cold. Did it stop my daughter from making a bee line for the water and insisting on getting in, clothes and all? No, it did not. Every afternoon since she has insisted on going outside and paddling in the pool, and so far I have avoided getting in the water as Daddy has been home. Because I do not like cold water. When she heard his truck arriving home yesterday she was jumping up and down and already heading for the back door! So I sympathize with your desire to spend a day inside for a change!

  3. Oh my Lord, my kids do the same thing!! They always want to go outdoors on days where I have a million things to get done indoors.

    I'll have to remember that tamer kids would love it. But then again, knowing them, they'll want to play with it outside.

  4. I have many tantrum moments too! I am alost scared to try this cornstarch thing. Crazy. And i cannot stand a mess. Do I dare??

  5. Thanks for your visit! What is it with kids and diapers!? it is kind of gross, but mine loves helping with them too!
    my oldest is 15 months and for some reason does really well when we just take him to his room and put him in his crib when he has a tantrum. we don't have a video monitor, so i don't know if he actually goes to sleep, but he does get quiet. It still amazes me, but as long as it works...but i know it won't always, and for that day I look forward to trying your tamer.

  6. That is so cool!! Something to put in the back of my mind. :)



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