Friday, March 5, 2010

Thirteen things I like more than snow, but less than severely stubbing my toe

Now that the sun is shining and spring is peeking its head around the corner, I find I detest the snow more than ever. 

I want to go on walks in my new double stroller without plowing through a snow tunnel, covering my children with the cold, white powder of winter.

I want to transport my kids the 50 feet to my in-laws without tugging boots on their feet and forcing hats on their squirmy little heads (though I probably shouldn't complain about this minimal effort in light of the free babysitting).

I want to see the budding grass and the white of the sidewalks and perhaps a flower every now and then (or a colorful weed for that matter, I'm not picky).

So this is my plea for the snow to melt and to stay melted (none of those April blizzards, please.  It feels like the harsh, prodding finger of a my sister's teasing and I just can't deal with it this year).

And this is my list of thirteen things I like more than snow, but less than severely stubbing my toe.
  1. Putting away Christmas decorations.
  2. Listening to my baby cry at my in-laws (knowing I could soothe him in a second, but will be denied the opportunity for an excruciating, 15-minute, adult version of a feisty todder yelling, "I do it!").
  3. People who consider themselves the grammar police, fighting linguistic crimes with their arsenal of "who's" and "whom's."
  4. Cold coffee reheated enough times to smell suspiciously of burnt breakfast sausage.  
  5. Short naps. 
  6. Any kind of potted plant (I don't care if it's "low maintenance", it is too much pressure and I will kill it in three days).
  7. Driving long distances on sunny days (it hurts to squint that much, even with sunglasses, and I find it extremely annoying to sweat profusely while sitting completely still for three hours).
  8. When you go to pass someone and they speed up.
  9. When you get behind them again and they slow down.
  10. Any time before 7am.
  11. Long and wordy picture books (I do not enjoy playing on my son's illiteracy by reading only one sentence per page or skipping multiple pages at a time, but I will do it in the name of an early bedtime).
  12. Cauliflower.
  13. The words "help me." 
What weather condition drives you out of your mind?  What is something you would rather deal with than that particular condition?

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