Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Relief in the Bathroom

Important things in my life that prove two truly is better than one...
  • Twix, any kind of miniature candy bar, kit kats (pairs of two, but delicious nonetheless).
  • My husband/ partner in all things hungry, poopy, or migraine-inducing tantrumy.
  • Kids in diapers (I know it sounds crazy, but at this point it seems so much easier than potty training.  Am I right, or should I just take the plunge?).
  • Breasts (to soothe my crying baby, of course... though I'm sure my husband is thankful for the same thing for very different reasons).
  • Computers (this blog would not be possible without them... sharing is not an option in our household).
  • Travel mugs (my husband has about thirteen conniptions if I put coffee in the tea mug, thus tainting the taste of his tea for all of eternity, or something like that).
  • Tiny, little children (life is crazier, but so much fun and ironically more laid back).
One pair, however, I don't want to see for a good, long time...
  • Those two pink lines highlighted by a stream of urine and lurking like an intruder on my bathroom counter.
Obviously there is a reason I am thinking about this.  And no, it is not because I am pregnant. 

I did, however, think it was a possibility.  (Not a good possibility, but enough of a nagging suspicion to have me peeing on a stick and, three long minutes later, rejoicing over that one, beautiful pink line.)

There were a few signs, but mostly I keep hearing these stories of accidental third pregnancies.  As in planning number one and number two, then a few months later... SURPRISE!

I heard this story quite a lot in the past, few months... so there really was a reason for my paranoia. 

I would never invade these couples privacy, but part of me wants to know how it happens.  I mean, are they not trying, but also not not trying?  Or are they really not trying, but can't keep their hands off each other thus creating a greater mathematical possibility of conception even when appropriate measures are taken?

I am sure that a part of me would be excited, and I know that I would love that child... surprise or not, but at this point in my life I prefer the not (at least until my first son caves to M&M bribery in the bathroom and my second learns to do anything for himself... I mean, really, you still need help burping?).

Plus, I'm thinking about things for the future.

Things that cannot happen if I am pregnant.

Things that make me caffeine-high excited and close-to-vomiting nervous at the same time.

Things that I may not be ready to articulate right now, but will certainly talk more about in the near, near future...

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  1. great post. i too dread the dual pink line. although it would make great blogging material...


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