Saturday, June 26, 2010

Coming Back (with no excuse)

I'm not sure if I should apologize for my extended absence or try to explain or what.

Does "it's summer" count as an excuse.

Seriously though, we were away this past week. 

But I've got nothing for the week prior.

I wanted to write a Father's Day post about my husband and all the ways I love watching him with our children.  His two little men.

But instead the Tine and I spent all our free time creating a collage book about Daddy (and I spent all my free time redoing his work so my compulsive brain could stop spazzing every time two pictures overlapped).

Then we left for camp.

Which is a post in itself.

But I will give you a quick taste.

A one room cabin.  Two families.  Five kids (two babies).  100 middle schoolers.  Three new mom friends.  Zero breaks.

If you do the math you can imagine blogging time was quite limited (though I'm not going to lie, there was internet access... my kind of camping).

So I will return to both this and your blogs.  I can't wait to hear about vacations and summer adventures and life (that I completely missed these past couple weeks). 

And I also can't wait to tell you about the perils of changing poopy diapers in the woods and The Tine's first water balloon fight and the understanding of a mom who's been there.

But until then I will finish my coffee, get my family back into a much-needed schedule (for me, not them), and enjoy my boys as the days slip by way too fast.  And I will see you all soon!


  1. I don't think you need an excuse. We've all been there and will be again. I myself am leaving on vacation next week so my posts for the first week in July will probably be non-existent. Hope you had fun! Can't wait to read about the adventures.

  2. Yes, "it's summer" totally counts. I intend on using it frequently myself. My sporadic blogging is taking a hit. But you, should enjoy your time away from the blogiverse. ;)

  3. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures! And I confess that your previous post about whether to have another baby has stuck with me, and I'm hoping you revisit those issues at some point too! But it can all wait while you enjoy your children, husband and the summer.

  4. I hear you! You definitely needed a little "break" and now you need a legitimate break after the "break"! I hope you are recovered. Glad to see you back making us all giggle! Karen


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